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In a complicated market such as the one characterized by the times we are living in, the job of a publisher becomes more and more complicated and difficult. One must always pay close attention to the manuscripts that are proposed by authors and, above all, one must be good at anticipating times and trends. In short, you have to understand when the time has come to take the plunge. Three months ago, when Antonello Di Carlo, head of the project, proposed an international anthology in English, made up of twenty eight extraordinary writers and poets selected by him, we at Ctl Editore Livorno, espousing his thought, immediately understood that perhaps this was the right moment for a turning point, for a commercial expansion. As Di Carlo says, writing cannot be an end in itself and the ultimate goal of a writer, a poet or an essayist, is to make his manuscript known and accessible to everyone, where the word “everyone” is synonymous with globality. In order to do this, it is necessary to use the most widely spoken language in the world: English. And so, after almost six months of hard work, “Tale and poems” was finally born and I am proud to present it to you, because it is certainly the first and most important anthology in English. It aims at sharing a significant part of the best contemporary Italian literature, that I am sure it will be able to represent our nation in the best possible way throughout the world. 

I wish you a good reading.


Nino Bozzi, Head of Ctl Editore Livorno


SKU: 978-88-33873-75-6
€ 18,90 Prezzo regolare
€ 17,96Prezzo scontato
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