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I promised to tell this story which, colored by Yellow... leaves you in suspense until the end, I created this novel to leave a new message, that one must have no regrets towards people one cared for, who in the end turned out to be different to what you thought them to be. Let it be them to regret on how they have behaved. Enjoy loved ones close to you as long as you have the possibility to do so... because afterwards life becomes cold like the marble of a tombstone. My message is addressed to all those who are still fortunate enough to have a warm hearted chat with their family, and for stupid trivialities and pride do not. My book is also aimed at those who still have the possibility to embrace, say a word of comfort or to apologize with sincerity... take advantage of this, because in the face of regrets there is no pity for those who remain, because every unspoken phrase, becomes a boulder that never stops weighing upon your life. We have learned that respect is a direct by-product that comes from humility to recognize ones mistakes, the important thing is to realize it in time. In this book I tell the story of two friends: Marco and Chiara, who after so much suffering found their serenity, against everything and everyone, they fought to win their love and live-in peace because negativity had tormented them leaving them in solitude. Everyone they loved had distanced themselves when they announced their desire to live together. But only on that sad day, when they were not anymore, those who had betrayed them realised what they had done. Realising that they could no longer redress thier actions, the only thing they could do was to cry until their tears ran out, stricken with remorse.I write this book with the presumption that these situations should never happen to anyone, as I believe life is too short to live in unharmonious circumstances, because one lives better in peace. Peace, a word that has been pronounced since the beginning of time, we all seek it. but in the end, nobody really wants it, its ever so difficult to live with our fellow men in harmony, respect and freedom. I kid myself that each human being learns to be at peace with himself, accepting his limitations, his defects, hoping that this will no doubt help him discover harmony with this magnificent world, that surrounds us, above all with ones family. Human beings have strengthened them selves through struggles, and the egotistical selfishness of conquest, and become bored in short periods of peace. I wish with all my heart and soul that in no family these unpleasant and hurtful situations of argueing and fighting with one another should happen, and that everyone out of love and respect leave their pride and vanity outside the door, and learn to apologize; in the end, the only ones who will really suffer will not be those who have been insulted but those who have offended. I do not want to delve deeper into these unpleasant and hurtful topics, I let you read this story in the hope that it makes you think and reflect. There was a man who many years ago spoke of peace and love but was crucified. Life is too short for you to wake up with regrets The last time I saw my friends, protagonists of this book, was just a few hours before a bad accident that took them away forever, I had just retired and felt strange, I never thought I would experience a feeling of emptyness when my working days were over


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