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“I realized that when I look at the sea I completely relax. If I could radically change the established rules, you know what I would do, Doc? I’d take you to the seashore, or better on my favourite rock on the breakwater for our therapy session”.
“Let time flow, Miki and you’ll see everything will have the right place in your life…”
Doc and Miki. A brilliant psychotherapist and a difficult patient who leave together for a journey called psychotherapy.
A deep love for the sea.
A rock which becomes a safe protection.
The story of a very strong, but hard to build relation
All these elements become main characters of their journey, a journey full of obstacles and difficulties, but with a final goal which is too important not to be completed: to become what you really are.
A journey Doc and Miki decide to tell together, through a passionate, sometimes ironic dialogue, which lets emotions and feelings come out and go along the most significant moments towards a way back home that undoubtedly changed them both. They believe their relationship is worthwhile to be shared with people who consider human relations as absolute necessary elements in their life.


Parentela Alessandra,Longo Michela

A journey called psychotherapy

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